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Functional Movement Systems - Helping You Move, Perform and Live Better

What Is FMS?

A powerful paradigm shift in fitness and athletic development, (FMS) Functional Movement Systems is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns. FMS is a system developed to test the quality of biomechanics during movement and then use simple exercise to correct faulty biomechanics. It was developed after years of innovation and research. 

By analyzing a series of 7 basic fundamental movements, FMS provides a standardized approach to assess functional movement, provide simple corrective exercises, and develop comprehensive training programs for getting YOU to your best.


  • Discover hidden weaknesses and physical imbalances.

  • Establish a functional baseline to mark progress.

  • Build balanced fitness and athleticism.

  • Improve fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises.

  • Reduce the likelihood of training and sports injuries.

  • Improve efficiency and performance, whether for sports or life.

  • Use the most effective exercises for training and conditioning programs.

Functional Movement Systems are applicable to any population in fitness or sports conditioning: whether it is to enhance training, sports performance, or life performance. It is backed up by solid research and results. The FMS plays an important role in conditioning programs for numerous professional teams and athletes around the world. 

Who Uses FMS?

  • NFL Teams, including the Miami Dolphins' Strength Coach of the Year 

  • MLB Teams, including the Toronto Blue Jays

  • NHL Teams, including the Montreal Canadiens

  • United States Military

  • Universities & Colleges

  • Rehabilitation Settings

  • High Performance Trainers and Coaches

  • Attended Elite Baseball Mentorship at Cressey Sports Performance 2015

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