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Base Running/Speed Training

Maximize your on-field performance with our specialized Baserunning and Speed Training Clinic. Designed for baseball players of all skill levels, this clinic focuses on enhancing speed, agility, and tactical baserunning to give you a competitive edge.


– Sprinting techniques to increase acceleration and top-end speed.

– Drills to improve reaction time and reduce sprint times.

– Lateral movement drills to enhance change of direction and stability.

– Instruction on proper lead-off techniques to maximize jump starts.

– Strategies for stealing bases, reading pitchers, and timing your runs.

– Situational baserunning drills to improve decision-making and efficiency.

Arm Care Strength Training

Our Baseball Arm Care clinic is designed to elevate the performance and longevity of athletes at all levels. This comprehensive clinic focuses on enhancing arm strength, improving shoulder stability, and boosting core power—key components for a successful baseball player.


– Injury prevention techniques targeting common issues like rotator cuff and elbow injuries.

– Tailored exercises to build and maintain arm strength and flexibility.

– Recovery protocols and routines to ensure optimal muscle health.

– Dynamic core workouts to improve balance, rotational power, and overall stability.

Power Hitter Strength Training

Our Baseball Power Hitter Clinic is designed for athletes aiming to maximize their power at the plate. This program focuses on developing explosive strength, enhancing bat speed, and increasing overall athletic performance to turn you into a formidable force in the batter’s box.

-Target specific muscles used in hitting, including core, lower body, and upper body, through exercises like lunges, rows, and rotational movements.

Strengthen your core with exercises cable woodchoppers and medicine ball rotations to improve your swing mechanics.

-Incorporate planks, stability ball exercises, and unilateral movements to build a strong and stable core essential for power hitting

We have three options to choose from to keep your game at its peak while your competition gets worn down as the season goes on:

32 SESSIONS – $649* Best value

16 SESSIONS – $369

8 SESSIONS – $199