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Private Baseball Lessons at The Baseball Zone 

Are you ready to dig a little deeper and maximize your potential to the fullest? Think about taking some private lessons.

Who makes this decision? Dozens. Hundreds. Thousands! You are about to join a group of dedicated athletes that include:

  • Professional players looking to jump out from the crowd and advance their careers in that dog-eat-dog world of pro ball

  • Collegiate players who just knew that they had more inside them, but couldn't find the key to unlocking their true potential in their athletic programs

  • Players from local "Elite" programs who want development AND results, not just a fancy uniform and a busy travel schedule

  • Rep players

  • House league players

  • Beginners

  • Come-back kids

You name it and they have made the same wise decision that you are on the verge of making.

"Can you tell me a bit more about your Private Lessons? Your philosophy?"

It is important to understand, for both the player and parent, that there are no “quick fixes”. Indeed, it is our belief that the player is not even “broken”. However, more likely over time, has allowed various elements of interference to nestle in between their current performance and their potential - we want to narrow that gap. The art, science and process of pulling away these layers of interference can take some time, and how long is uncertain. It is multi-layered with countless possible variables at play. Our goal, no matter the length of the package, is to make it an athlete-centred journey of exploration, discovery, understanding and enjoyment. After all, baseball was meant to be FUN! Let’s work together to keep it that way.

"What can I REALLY expect from your Private Lessons?"

Like we said earlier, there are no true "quick fixes" anything. Even if, for example, we make a breakthrough in a session, that does not mean it is hardwired as a learned skill that can hold up in and against the pressures of competition. At first it will simply mean you've been able to experience something that you obviously CAN do that perhaps you were unable to before. The next challenge is turning it into true skill.

So a series of lessons can reasonably be expected to progress like this (outside of Initial Sessions, all sessions are 30 min. in duration per skill):

Initial session (1-1.5 hrs):

Players can expect a comprehensive evaluation and measurement of skills. Players will better understand their own strengths and weaknesses and areas of opportunity. Some immediate improvement may even be seen in a single session, but it is merely a glimpse of what is sitting there untapped – not necessarily ready to stand up in pressure situations.

Sessions 2-3:

Players will come away with the same takeaways as the initial session as well as gain a better understanding of the basic cause and effect of various key elements of the skill. Players should be able to leave with a better understanding of how to practice on their own and what feedback they need to be looking for to know they are practicing well and deliberately.

Sessions 4-6:

Players will come away with the same takeaways as the first 2-3 sessions but to a deeper degree. Feedback from personal practice sessions and games will provide for a greater depth and understanding. Additionally at this point, the coach-player relationship can start developing. Signs of more permanent improvement should start to show up more frequently, but skills at this point can potentially regress if not further fortified.

Sessions 7+:

Players will come away with the same takeaways as sessions 4-6 but with a more solidified discipline to personal practice and better able to gauge feedback. The development of the coach-player relationship can be at a point where the coach has a better understanding of the player and their receptiveness to various coaching methods thus leading to more effective exploratory pathways. An element of trust can also be built by this point which will make for a richer experience with respect to an open exchange of ideas, experiences, feelings, etc. An assessment should also be done to provide players with metrics related to their development as well as, if possible, the introduction of transfer training opportunities.

It is important to note that even though we have laid out some general expectations for various durations of programs, in truth, each journey is as unique as the individual participating in it, so these are merely guidelines. We learn at different speeds, both cognitively and neuromuscularly and likely the most important and influencing factor that can separate each journey is the willingness to put in work. If effort is little outside of the lessons, the trajectory of development will be limited, while if work is embraced and performed often and deliberately, the chances of achieving short term goals and seeing progression are greatly enhanced. That part of the equation, however, is controlled only by the player.

If you want pricing information and/or have any questions about our Private Lessons, please fill out the brief form on the page and we will get back to you shortly!



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