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 Baseball Team Training Programs

About Team Training at The Baseball Zone                               


For over 18 years now, The Baseball Zone has hosted many of the game's top athletes and teams for off-season and in-season training. From the ideal training environment to access to world-class facilities, The Baseball Zone offers youth, high school, OBA, Little League & Elite travel teams the opportunity to customize their own training experience. Whether it’s reserving training space for on-site training or building a tailored training schedule with help from our esteemed coaches and staff led by Rick Johnston and Kevin Hussey

The Baseball Zone's reputation as a leader in performance training provides the perfect foundation for any team’s off-season and in-season training.    

What Are Your Team Training Options?

Team Program - Private & Customized - Designed with and for your group exclusively, this option is the most tailored program for your group. Whether your focus is on Hitting, Pitching, Fielding, or another aspect of the game, we can develop a program alongside you to prepare your team for the coming season as well as for the long term. Focusing on your group's most important opportunities for development, our staff will work with you every step of the way in designing the program, executing it every session, and making any necessary adjustments. We'll not only work with you when you are here with us, but we'll also be available throughout the program in between sessions for feedback, analysis, and discussion. This is your program and we are committed to making the best of it with you. Fill in the form below to sign up for an obligation-free Team Demo session (just fill out the short form below) in any one of Hitting, Pitching, or Defence (includes positional breakdown and throwing development).

Team Program - In Clinics - Unparalleled flexibility and great coaching come along with the Teams in Clinics option. Signing up your players for various classes in our Fall and/or Winter Clinic programs allows your team to work around individual schedules that are tough to harmonize throughout an off-season. Each player can have what amounts to their own personalized program that not only fits their schedule but also matches their individual development needs. We will be happy to discuss and formulate this plan with you. For instance, you could have 3 of your catchers in a Baseball Zone Catching clinic; 4 pitchers in a Pitching clinic with 2 on a Sunday and 2 on a Saturday; and 5 more players in a Hitting clinic, each on a different day of the week. Then 5 weeks later, they all join new clinics that again match their schedules and developmental needs. This option offers great discounts from our regular Baseball Zone Clinic prices!

Team Program - Rental - If your team is simply looking for state-of-the-art training space, you will find it here at The Baseball Zone. Our facility has it all, that's why hundreds of pro and college players over the years have made it their home, as have Canadian and American national teams on occasion. Our training facilities are better than ever - modern, safe, effective and flexible. If you want to train "it", "it" can be done here. Take a look at our facility's feature


Team Program - Strength & Conditioning - Baseball is a POWER sport and POWER is a product of STRENGTH and SPEED, that's why strength and conditioning is a massive priority at The Baseball Zone. We are able to bring you world-class strength and conditioning training for your team. Every individual athlete or team program is written by certified professional training staff and is supervised by them as well. 

Fill in the form below to sign up for an obligation-free Team Demo session - just fill out the short form below.

Team Training Price Guidelines

Like any business, we realize that your team has to work within a budget. While we will ultimately provide you with your own customized proposal, we want to help you start the budgeting process today. Below you can find a simple grid with some sample pricing to help you get a fairly good idea of what your baseball team program might cost at The Baseball Zone:

Private Team
Teams in ClinicsFacility RentalStrength &
 per Hour *

Fill out the no-obligation form on the page and we will get the process rolling on your team training program this year at The Baseball Zone!

* Prices are approximate and may fall under or above the price ranges above; prices are based on a 12 player team; prices do not include HST

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